before the king

I have been doing Beth Moore’s Life of David study this spring and it has been so refreshing. It’s been a while since I have done one of her studies and her study of the scripture is always so amazing and inspiring to me. In my lesson today we read the story of Mephibosheth from 2 Samuel 9. If you’ve been at church in your life at all as a youngster you know this story. He is the last surviving child from Saul’s family and is Jonathan’s son and he is lame in his feet. Beth related this story in a way that I had never thought of before:

Like Mephibosheth, we all come before our King lame. We are broken, maybe scared where the Lord will lead us. We can do nothing but fall before Him and ask why he would even consider us? Mephibosheth must have been frightened beyond his life. David had sent for him and in some ways I wonder if he thought, this is it. I’m sure he didn’t at all expect what happened.

Like Mephibosheth, we also have people around us who don’t think we are worth anything. He had a servant, Ziba who probably thought, this is it too. I’m sure he never expected that David would want anything to do with this man who was crippled. And I am sure he stood there in shock when he saw what happened.

David looked at Mephibosheth, asked him to rise and then showered him with love. But not just a little love. Not just, here you go. Here are your lands back, here is some money etc. He took him in and considered him a son.

This is what the Lord does with us. We come before Him
crumbling to pieces
and He doesn’t just help us stand up, give us a few things to tide us over and get us through
He makes us one of His children.
He asks us to sit as His table, not as a guest, but as one of His children.

How much different would my day be, if I walked around in this place of amazing gratitude for what the Lord has done for me? When Mephibosheth hobbled away, I am sure there was a new spring in his step. I wonder if the pain in his feet was even lessened, in light of what had just happened?

Counting my gratitude…

71. watching my boy run like the wind at his very first football practice
72. seeing those rosy cheeks when he was done and hearing him declare how much fun he had
73. walking in on my sleeping children and seeing them dream away
74. movies, wine and my love on a monday night
75. a day filled with only what we want to do
76. listening to my little chick “read” stories
77. all my chick’s dolls and animals lined up on her bed
78. the Word that comes quickly when I stir in the night
79. watching my girl make a new friend
80. a heart and mind that is moving closer and closer to Him

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