Sweet Jesus, what a few days it has been.
How my soul is overwhelmed

I cling to these words from your Word:

And now, O Lord God, you are God
how I cling to the power of your presence

and Your words are true
as I am dealing with such great sadness around me. Death of young and old. Ministering to those who know you and those who think you far off and uncaring.
as I am dealing with my own sin. How I long to get fully to that place where I can surrender my great plans; relinquish my desire for control and let you do great things through me…despite me.

and You have promised good things to me.
how I praise you that despite my sin,
despite my grasping at control
despite my inadequacies at caring for others in their pain
you have good things for me. And you move in and through me
when I let go,
move on
and let you move in

In the midst of this week, I come before you, giving you Thanksgiving for the way you do move in

51. friends with whom you can spend 4 hours and it feels like 1
52. a project done and loved by the recipient
53. a cup of tea after a crazy morning
54. a morning where your Word seems so invigorating and I can’t stop reading it
55. the fun of a boy with very loose teeth
56. offering full forgiveness with a heart that truly means it
57. the freshness of the morning after a night that brought hard news
58. the Lord’s constant pursuit of me
59. words that challenge me and make me move from the place I am into a new place
60. a day filled with nothing but prayer lifting up those around me that are dealing with such loss

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