oliver + s: 2+2 skirt…2 ways

A little sewing for the chick today. The 2+2 Skirt from Oliver + S. Sadly, this is probably the last one unless I buy the next size up. Can’t believe my little chick is 4, luckily she is tiny so she can still wear the 3t version.

Here, I have redeemed the lousy dress from the curtains and used another panel to create the skirt. It turned out great!

O+S: 2+2 Skirt

I used some plaid I had in my stash for more years than I would care to remember (I was going to make a jumper if that tells you how old it is) and thought it would be the perfect little plaid skirt. It was a bear to sew though. Almost like sewing silk or something…too smooth. Nevertheless, a t-shirt will cover up the mistakes with the waistband.

O+S: 2+2 Skirt

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