Valentine’s Decorations

To be honest, I have never like Valentine’s Day. It just puts too much pressure on people to show something that should naturally be occurring in your lives anyhow. Oh well. This year though, I just decided I wanted to do some decorations. I hopped over to Hobby Lobby, spent $5 on a little bit of fabric and voila, instant decorations! It’s helped me get over my bah humbug attitude about the holiday for sure. Now,  what to do with all those tiny little papers that will come home with the Rooster from school…

Here are my attempts at centerpieces. I started out with this great idea of this circle one and when I went to put it in the middle of my table I realized how tiny it was! Take 2, I made this bigger one with quilted squares. I hope to get some flowers to put in the vase and I’m searching for red hots to fill up with jar with. No luck so far.

VDay Centerpiece

Here is my LOVE garland. I made the letters on the computer, cut them out and sewed them together with a little batting. The hearts are made out of felt with a little button sewn in the middle to hold them together.
LOVE Garland

I’ve got one more Valentine’s project up my sleeve. It’s turning out to be one of those that is way more tedious than I had anticipated. Hopefully I”ll get it done in the next few days!

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