doodle stitch week 3: toadstools and stumps

Not sure what I’ll do with this one, but I am hard pressed to choose between this one and the gnome as my favorites. Can’t wait to see what pattern Aimee Ray puts out this Friday!

doodle stitch week 3: toadstools & stumps

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  1. These designs are so cute. I could just see a set of vintage looking fingertip towels made from them. They would be really neat all grouped together as panels in a quilt. I’ve seen embroidery used before in a quilt and it looks great.

    1. The quilt is what a lot of people are doing with theirs. There is a flickr group where you can post your version of these (which it’s crazy to see all the different options people have done!) and a lot of those people are hoping that A. Ray puts out enough to do like 6-8 quilt squares. I don’t quilt, therefore these will probably make themselves into something else…or into a frame!
      Thanks for the kudos.

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