one thousand gifts

One thing I’m learning as I seek to retrain my thoughts (taking every thought captive), is that one of the best ways to fight episodes of fear and anxiety is to focus on thankfulness. Instead of labeling all the things that are causing fear, label all the things that are blessings.

This year I am challenging myself to one thousand gifts. It was started (as far as I can tell) by Ann at A Holy Experience. Her new book is racing up the charts on Amazon and it it is on my list of books to read asap. Every Monday, there is a community of believers who are listing out their one thousand gifts and I’m joining in. I’m doing it here for two reasons: one for accountability (knowing that at least one other person is reading this) and for a record for myself. So here goes…

01. listening to my husband pray with my son every night

02. the smell of freshly baked bread

03. the children that come running when they hear said bread timer going off

04. my husband who loves me despite all my faults

05. the cracks in my life that are starting to break apart and shine forth His light

06. the Word that is starting to slowly take root and crowd out my fearfulness

07. a church that is willing to admit it’s faults

08. the surprise meeting of friends at the park on a chilly afternoon

09. the sunshine on a chilly afternoon

10. a warm house

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