doodle stitch along

I happened upon this little stitch along a few nights ago and have been furiously stitching since then. It is to promote Aimee Ray’s new book, Doodle Stitching: The Motif Collection. It’s been a blast to stitch these and now on to this week’s new pattern!

week one: the gnome (which I’m thinking is going to be a panel on a new purse I’m working on)
doodle stitch along week 1 (gnome)



week two: boy and girl (which I’m thinking of making one of those dresses for the chick with the built in apron and adding this little number to the apron part)
doodle stitch along week 2 (boy and girl)



and the chick started her first little adventure into embroidery too. She was a natural I tell ya! If you ask her, this is a picture of a fairy (go figure)

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  1. I see Chick’s fairy! Seriously…I totally do! Leave it to me to see only what the child gets!

    Thanks so much for your super kind words regarding my website, Daisy. It really meant a lot to me. It has been a year of writing, cropping, resizing, re-doing, and shifting one gazillion times, I tell you.

    But alas, it is pretty much done. Just those dang glitches to figure out though!

    I’m working my way back into the blogging world…I have missed it so!

    Does Rooster have an open design classroom? I interviewed for my first job “there” before taking another position at Friendsville Elementary.

    “there” is where I am guessing he is going.

    Also, meant to tell you that I was pool manager for 2 summers at your nearby pool in college!

    .mac 🙂

    1. you are nuts! she’s even pointed all all the different parts…wings, eyes etc and I still can’t see it. Guess I would fail a rorshark or whatever that crazy psych exam is 🙂

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