like a winter snow

the refrain comes gently at first, like the beginning of a winter snow

be anxious about nothing

but like a snow can start softly and turn mighty, the refrain becomes louder

but in everything

everything I ask? what about all the stuff that I can handle?

by prayer and petition

but I do pray. or do I demand?

and as the snow begins to build and build upon itself and create a landscape of purity

with thanksgiving

I begin to see my heart change. thanksgiving. the answer to my anxiousness. the place I need to focus. not on the minute by minute fears I have, but on the places that He has rescued me and blessed me

set your mind on things above, not on earthly things

words that I’ve heard repeated over and again, but never truly sat with.

so, like the first footprints on a clean landscape of snow, I set forth onto this journey. a journey of focusing on gratitude, instead of fear. focusing on his faithfulness to me, instead of those things that cause anxiety.

taking every thought captive

to begin this journey, I am undertaking this. a chance to focus on scripture. to daily hide it in my heart and meditate on it. to embrace a small part, instead of doing and moving on and never sitting with it.

want to join me?

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