how i am like rapunzel

I took the kids to see Tangled this week and if you are looking for a good movie (probably best ages 4 and up), this is a good one. While it seems like a girly movie, it has just enough humor and excitement to keep little boys entertained (and a super funny Monty Python-ish scene too if you like that kind of dry humor) I digress.

While pondering this movie and the story of Rapunzel, it hit me that this is me. Or this is where I feel safest. Rapunzel lives in a tower, her world is basically controlled by others and yet she feels like she is in control. The opening scene in the movie is her singing of all the fun she can have in her tower room. She has all this “freedom” to spend her days as she wishes and she is basically safe. Until this guy comes and plops himself in her room. Up until this point, she has stared out the window at the world, wondering what is out there, but not having the courage to break out from the control she is under or that she think she has.  Then this guy shows up and it prompts her to realize that there really is something else out there.

She gets the courage to ask him to take her to see these lights that show up every year on her birthday. She finally is leaving her tower room. She is breaking free from the control and the inability to make her own decisions (always worried what others will think). The first thing she does is to let down her hair and herself and just before she hits the ground she stops…she goes back into that habit of worrying about what’s going to happen if she makes this decision. How will her mother react? How will others react? What if she gets hurt? But then she sets her feet down in the grass and for the first time she feels the coolness of the grass on her bare feet…and she is truly free.

It’s a Disney movie, so obviously there is a happy ending and a sweet romance brews, but the main gist of the story is that you have to take risks. I’m in a place right now where I’m letting down my hair and starting to come out of a tower room that I’ve been in for many, many years. I am beginning to wrestle with making my own choices for myself and my family, coming out from the control that I’ve lived under and I’m beginning to feel that cool grass on my toes for the first time in my life.

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