Doll Clothes

Here is the last of the Christmas sewing. Did I get it all done? No, alas I didn’t. The rooster will just have to get his PJ pants for New Years instead. I’ve got loads of cooking to do tomorrow so this is it.

Introducing Bitty Baby Clothes:

A Matching Dress + Swing Coat

Doll Dress with Matching Coat

A Pant/Shirt Set

Baby Doll Set

and bunting with a sweet little cap

Baby Doll Bunting


and have you heard the news? There’s a super cute guinea pig sleeping in my basement 🙂

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1 Comment

  1. Merry Christmas, Daisy! I wish you the happiest!!

    I’ve been outta the loop lately, but all for good reasons.

    Hope to be back in blogland soon.

    Love, love the bitty baby clothes….you have PATIENCE!!

    .mac 🙂

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