pottery barn inspiration

Here is my Christmas inspiration:

Here is my attempt to copy this (w/o spending the big bucks)

2010 front door

Ornament Wreath (pottery barn copy)

The whole set cost me about $20 for the ribbon, big ornaments hanging from the middle and the plain wreath. I found those at Hobby Lobby for 50% off plus the ribbon too. The ornaments on the wreath are from the first year we were married (let’s just say they are getting up there in age…into the double digits) so they were the perfect things to glue onto a wreath. The garland I stole from my mother and the trees were from Target last year (2 for $25 can’t beat that!)

2 thoughts on “pottery barn inspiration

  1. it looks great! I need to get outside and hang my Christmas – I just can’t get thrilled about the idea when the high is only 36. Maybe it will warm up next a little and I can use your inspiration to hang some lights or something.

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