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November 3, 2010

Here are the latest onesies to come off the ironing board of daisyeyes. I’m trying something new and doing names or monograms on the front and a larger design on the bums. Let me know what you think.

"Blaine" Name Onesie

"Blaine" Name Onesie Back

"Phoebe" Name Onesie close-up

"Phoebe" Name Onesie Back

Monogram Onesie

Monogram Onesie Back

And this seems to be a favorite requested one…

Chick n'Egg Onesie

I also ordered new tags for all my projects. I realized that I was totally out of compliance with the CPSIAA or whatever the heck that thing is. I also realized that my iron on printed tags were washing off. I ordered these little tags through miss label (who rocks) and also some “daisyeyes” ribbon to wrap up the onesies in. I love both and love the look it gives.

New Tags courtesy of Miss Label

  1. I loved your round labels; I thought they were so clever. Ours did wash off though so I hope these new ones work out for you. I love the new ribbon.

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