September Sensory Box

If I had to do my teaching education all over again I  am pretty sure I would be a Montessori teacher. There is so much about the Montessori approach to education that I love. Maybe it is because Maria Montessori got her way working with students that I love (those not so typical students). Nevertheless, there is a part of me that given enough time and energy and money would create a Montessori-like space in our home and teach that way. These sensory boxes are my first step.

I found the idea from the Counting Coconuts blog (which is fabulous by the way) and knew that this was something I was going to do as soon as possible for my little chick (although if I am being honest the Rooster is going to probably love it just as much).  Here is our September version. Seeing as it is nearly the end of September and we are moving in about 2 weeks, this one will surely be reincarnated again in November with a few Thanksgiving-ish things added in.

Sept/November Sensory Box

Here’s what’s inside:
popcorn (both yellow and white) (Kroger for $1.50/bag)
silk leaves (from my stash)
silk marigold flowers (from my stash)
a set of fall colored beads/leaves (I scored at Tuesday Morning for like $2)
tiny pinecones (from my stash)
fake pears (from the stash)
and I am hoping to hit Hobby Lobby tomorrow and add:
a few cinnamon sticks
a small wooden bowl and spoon
some fake apples
and a tiny search and find object: 2 tiny apple buttons

What would a child do with this?
Mine will just rummage through it looking at all the different things. They might pour and fill things up with it. The chick might take the flowers and set them up inside. Every month I hope to add a few tiny, tiny objects that they have to search and find and I would also love to do an I-Spy scavenger hunt too (see Counting Coconuts, she did this with her yellow tub idea). But that will have to come after the big move.

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