dum, dum, dum, da, da, da, da,da,da

Today I experienced one of the the most relaxing and easy birthday parties I have ever experienced. I have to back up to tell you the whole amazing deal. We have a bunch of crap going on in our life right now (I don’t say crap because it’s all bad, it just a lot at times) so when I realized that it was time to start planning for the Rooster’s birthday I got a little nervous. (I will back up again and tell you that we have started a family tradition of doing birthday “parties” only on odd years; basically this means that the Rooster gets a “party” this year and the chick gets a small family gathering. Then next year it will be her turn for a “party”) Realizing that we weren’t going to have it at our house, I started looking around town for other options and the other options were all very pricey. Then came the deal of all deals. Our local science museum (which is a bit of a dive I must say…but cool to a 7 year old!) has this awesome deal where you pay $50 to become a member of the Association of Science Museuems (aka: reciprocal admission to cooler science museums all over the US) AND you get a free birthday party (including a planetarium show). Needless to say, we jumped at it and it was a rousing success!

The theme was Star Wars and while I did do a bunch of custom made “crafting” sort of things; I spread them out over the last month or so and honestly never felt overwhelmed once.

Party Favors
First I did the party favors. I hate party favors. Little bags full of crap that I end up tossing behind my kids backs because I don’t want to find it in the far reaches of their closets 15 years from now. So I decided to do t-shirts. I freezer-paper stenciled a Tie Fighter on black shirts for the boys and glittering star on the girls. I scored big at the Target dollar spot with this great little silver cans that were 50% off and then threw in a glow stick (also 50% off from Target) and some tattoos.

SW thank you notes
The last addition was a thank you note in advance from the Rooster. Instead of standing and trying to keep track of who gave him what and writing it down and sending thank you notes, we decided to do them up early and put them in their treat bags.
SW cupcakes + stand
Next, I decided to do cupcakes. I manufactured this great little cupcake stand from foam core, scrapbook paper, a styrofoam cube and a few stolen Duplo blocks from the kids bin.

SW cupcakes closeup

I made these awesome little cupcake toppers from a Star Wars lego clipart that I found via google. The cupcakes were Cookies and Cream from Annie Eats and they. were. divine. I honestly loved doing cupcakes. No cutting or clean up. No need for silverware. Pass them out and enjoy. Simple.

It was by far the most fun I’ve ever had doing and giving a birthday party.

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