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I’ve written a little about our decision to homeschool this year, but as soon as I knew that we were really going to do this that this blog would never turn into a “homeschooling” blog. While I hope to post pieces of our journey, the stress of constantly taking pictures of all that we are doing would send me over the edge. I am loving the ability to plan what I want, pick what I want and make up things that go along with what we are learning as we are learning them. Maybe if this journey continues I can share more of what we are doing daily, but for now you’ll have to suffice with little tidbits. We are beginning week 3 and honestly it has been great. We have had our ups and some pretty low downs, but overall I feel so amazingly blessed and at peace with it all. That is not to say that I haven’t doubted our decision at times, but the Lord has truly been faithful to give me many reassurances that we are on the path He has set forth for us.

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We are reading Story of the World for our history curriculum and it is fabulous. Rooster has enjoyed every minute of it and I’m so excited for all the things we are going to be doing with it as the year goes along. History is the one area that I have enlisted the husband to help though. There are some activities in there that I really would love for the Rooster to experience (aka: making a mummy from a whole chicken) but this woman is just not going to do herself!

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Today they did an archeological dig. My sweet man buried some “artifacts” in the back yard and they set up a dig area and got to work with a map and everything.

From homeschool 2010

If there is anything that I hope to take from this year (or how ever long this journey ends up being) is a sense of learning together as a family. I am praying that the Lord would begin to use this year to bring us together as a family…

From homeschool 2010

and today was one of those days where I can see that beginning to happen.

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  1. Wow! That is so exciting!
    One thing that you said really stands out to me, “learning together as a family”. I think that I have this picture of home schooling our children where I need to know everything. This makes homeschooling feel impossible for my heart to enter into. Learning together as a family sounds exciting but it is so hard to break free of my minds view of I need to know it all to be able to enter into it with them. Thank you for sharing your words of truth. I will definitely be chewing on “learning together as a family” for a few days!
    I am so excited about your journey and I definitely don’t blame you on the mummification of the chicken! 😉

  2. I have been wondering how things were going for you two. Was going to send you a message asking, and then I thought to check your blog. So glad I did. I love this post! It is so heartwarming and uplifting. “Growing together as a family” brings tears to my eyes. It has taken me a few years to put my liberal university training and my years as a public school teacher to the side and really look at what is important, the family, and even more specifically the family centered around God. Everyone has a family, but how we all live our daily lives is so different. I don’t want to be that family where we all rush out the door in the mornings and go our separate ways to learn about the world for the day and then come back together that evening and hope to have a few minutes together. I am inspired by what you are doing. I look forward to reading more about your experiences as you post them.

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