Praying for My Children

Acknowledge that God’s hand
was formed on your child in the way he or she was formed before birth, according to God’s good plan.
Admit any areas you resent in the way God put your child together.
Accept God’s design for your child. Thank God for making your child the way he is.
Affirm God’s purpose in creating your child for His glory.
Ally yourself with God in His plans for your child’s life.

The goal of parenting is not for us to decide what we want our children to become and then ruthlessly teach, train, squeeze, badger and cajole them into that mold. Instead, we must recognize that God has already designed them…Our job is to see our children as God does. Like a sculptor, we must try to see the final form straining to break out of the uncut stone.

~from A Mother’s Heart by Jean Fleming

If there is one thing that God has been continually teaching me through my children, it is that they are who they are. While there is a place for discipline, there is a part of their nature that God has created in them. I struggle greatly with loving them as they are and not trying to form them into who I want them to be.  Praying God’s plan for them.  Not crushing their spirit, but encouraging the gifts and talents they do have. God is blessing me daily with the privileged to be home again, to be a daily part of their lives and in giving me such a beautiful vision of who He has created them to be.

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  1. Ruthlessly…. what an appropriate term. I don’t need to attack my child’s training like soap scum in the shower. Gentle sculpting…. I should have paid more attention in art.

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