Llama Llama, new pajamas

I don’t often take my children into fabric stores with me, it’s not healthy for any of us. But those times that I do, I tend to encourage good behavior by letting them pick out pajama fabric. The problem is that I’m not the quickest at actually making the pajamas. The chick is honestly content to walk around with the yard of fabric…the rooster not so much. I am quickly trying to work down my sewing bucket list and yesterday and today I knocked these pjs out. Yippee…2 things to mark off! Although these PJs were a sad reminder that I’m moving away from being able to make anything substantial for either one of my children with just a yard of fabric. 🙁

Here’s the Rooster’s new PJ pants:(the pattern is McCalls 5222 and again improvised to make shorts)

PJ pants

Here’s the Chick’s new nightgown: (the pattern is McCalls 5744. I had to improvise due to lack of fabric and decided to make it sleeveless)

Cupcake Nightgown

The funnest of all was that I made these almost 100% on my new serger. (I LOVE IT!!!!) Couldn’t help but show off a close up of the serger action:

Close up View of new Serger Action

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