I found a seller on etsy who sells these adorable patterns for quiet books. Here are my top 3 favorites and I’m pondering purchasing these patterns and using 100% recycled eco-felt (felt makes all the difference in how professional they would look) to make them to sell at the local shop here in town.

Here’s my dilemma…how much would you pay for one of these (if you were a savvy, wealthy shopper) and would you even buy one? It would cost me about $50-60 to get enough materials + the patterns to do the first group. What do you think? A worthwhile investment??

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  1. Worth it…. I like the zoo the best (most universal in my opinion). I was just at that store today and didn’t see anything like it. If nothing else, you can give them away at showers and use the felt for one of your other projects…..don’t think too hard, I’m sure you have one just waiting!

  2. Those are really neat! I feel like stores don’t have these kind of books anymore. I’ve had trouble finding them for Helen.

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