the dreaded FB

If you’ve read this blog at all or you just know me, you know I have a severe love-hate relationship with Facebook. I’ve tried to quit twice. (maybe they should make a patch for this) But this last time, I really missed those connections that I can make with friends that are near and far. Since I’ve been home (for less than a week…gee whiz!) I’ve found myself back on that stupid thing over and again.

That said, I have enlisted the help of LeechBlock. I had read about this Firefox add-on a while back and this weekend was the weekend to download it and try it out. You can enter in any website that you want to block and when you want to block it. I’ve given myself 30 minutes in the morning (after breakfast), 30 minutes after the kids are down for rest time and then more time in the evening after the kids are in bed. It has been awesome! When I go to the computer and type in the url for facebook, if it isn’t the allowed time, it blocks it. Now, maybe I need to start typing in some other time wasting websites.

On another note, today was National Quit Facebook Day.

I figured 2 times trying to quit was enough failure for this year.

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  1. Wowzers! Love the blocker site!

    FB is tricky.

    I like it, but I do have to put restrictions on myself.

    Time wasters are sometimes the most unwinding parts of my day.

    I am no “strict” schedule person, but with homeschooling coming in full swing this fall, I have begun a routine for my time at home hoping to make the most of my days with the boys, my business, with Kenny, with mysellf, and most importantly, my time alone with God.

    Good luck with your time management!

    .mac 🙂

  2. Awesome!!! My problem is that if I block FB during certain hours, I’d spend, nay, I’d waste the time browsing through other blogs.

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