garden 5.2010

My sweet husband made me a raised bed this spring and so far, so good. I started some seeds indoors, but most of them didn’t survive the transplant. The corn is from seed, but the rest  (except for a couple of survivors) are from a local nursery down the road.

I have driven my family mad with “look at that corn!”, “have you seen my corn?” for the past few weeks. It’s been the most amazing thing to watch grow! The corn is about the sprout out the top, I’ve got loads of cucumber flowers and I’m crossing my fingers that we get some peppers later on too!

Oh, by the way. If you want to know what’s with the CDs? We have loads of feral cats around our house and this was one way we read to keep them out of our garden. So far nothing has been destroyed, but I can’t say that it’s keeping the cats truly away.

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  1. Aimme,
    There is this stuff you can get at Home Depot called Critter Ridder. You sprinkle it around your plants and it keeps animals away. It has hot pepper in it. We’ve been able to keep squirrels away; hopefully it would help with the cats!

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