the big Q and big H

the big Q

So it is official, I have quit my teaching job and will not be returning for the upcoming school year. I can honestly say that it has been a good year. We’ve had many ups and downs and many hard, hard days for sure. But, for once I am walking away from this teaching post with some good friends, some good student memories and just a very good sense of this was where I was supposed to be…
for a time and my time is up.

My Rooster has had a phenomenal year and I know that this year has greatly prepared us for what is ahead. The Chick has had a good year too (not so much us with her daycare, but that is another post) but this has been a great first “school” experience for her. That said, it has been a very challenging year with all of us going five million different ways. I have appreciated our time at home and just time with no responsibilities except those normal homemaking ones more than I could have ever guessed.

The Lord has truly taken us on a crazy journey this year and I’m still a little shocked at the path he is driving us down in the coming year…

the big H

homeschooling…never did I ever think that word would materialize off my lips in regards to my own children, but it is real and I am honestly really excited. It is hard to put into words exactly why we have decided to homeschool this year, but ultimately it was, and continues to be, an absolute God thing. I can’t begin to tell you the one million ways that the Lord has confirmed over and again our decision to do this. Why, you may ask? We don’t hate public school (although I could say that my dislike for our county has increased a bit over the past year), but we strongly feel that at least for this year God has called our family home.

I am beyond excited about being able to pick what and how I want to teach my children…
that we won’t be held down by the schedule of a school day or school calendar…
that our school day doesn’t have to be stuck at home at our kitchen table,
but outside
at the zoo
at a museum
at a park
and that I can foster a relationship between my two children that will hopefully cement their relationship for the rest of their lives.
And, has hard as it is to admit, I appreciate how it is going to force me to interact with my children in a way and with a deepness that I have never fully interacted with them before. I

But, I’m not naive. I can distinctly remember having a conversation last Fall with someone declaring that I would die if I had to stay home full time again. And I know that I’ve posted on here many times my desire to homeschool, but that it wouldn’t materialize. For me, it’s been one of those prayers that I’ve half prayed, but know that the Lord has answered a dream for me. He’s given me a blessing that I never thought would materialize and for that I can easily walk into this year despite the challenges.

It’s been an interesting journey, these last few months as the news has gotten out to our family and friends. When you choose to take a road that the Lord is calling you to oftentimes it isn’t one that is easy or is met with excitement by all.

It is one filled with attacks of doubts and fears.
But our Lord is so faithful. And I am clinging to that.

2 thoughts on “the big Q and big H

  1. Ready for the big H, huh?

    I am excited, nervous, and happy all rolled into one.

    Hopeful and prayerful that I can juggle, effectively instruct, and find freedom in just being another member of this family too.

    I, too, am having a lot of family and friends reactions that aren’t so optimistic and with a little sideways glances.

    I just try to remember…there is no normal. There is but the reality you give yourself.

    My biggest fear is that my boys are missing out by not “being” a part of school.

    We will see.
    Time will tell.
    God will provide.

    Excited for you! (and me),

    .mac 🙂

  2. if you are fallowing what God wants you to do – you are doing the right thing! Good for you -I’m here for you

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