Apron Strings

A fellow teacher agreed to do my morning car duty (oh can’t wait until that is over with for sure!) for an apron. I finally got it done this weekend.

It’s a McCall’s pattern and I’ve long had a love-hate relationship with McCall’s. Some of their patterns are just too simple and they look that way when they are completed. It is like they are missing some element of finishing. I tried to do a little extra finishing with double hemming and such, but it is still lacking something. Alas, it was the best I could do and it is just an apron anyways.

Apron Back

One thought on “Apron Strings

  1. Aprons are just a lot more work to me that what the finished product warrants. It’s like “go hard or go home” kinda mentality with me and aprons. I mean, if you are not a handbag or a waaaaaay cute dress or little sweetie’s outfit, then I don’t want to know ya. You feel me?

    It did turn out quite well! Love the red with the stripes!

    McCall’s makes me think I could be a great pattern writer.

    And I know that’s not the truth!

    .mac šŸ™‚

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