35 things

it’s hard to admit, but I am turning 35 tomorrow. there is something about “thirty-five” that sounds more grownup and old than “thirty-four” did.
seems a little too close to 40 🙂

here are 35 things i am grateful for…

1. my Jesus
2. my husband; who has stood by me through so much crap and joy
3. my sweet babies; who bring me such joy (and crap…but thankfully not in their diapers anymore!)
4. my friends who love me for who i am
5. my friends who love me too much to let me stay the way i am
6. the smell of the rain after it’s been dry for days and days
7. the sunshine that finally comes after the rain
7. a sunrise over the mountaintops
8. a sunset over the sea
9. the sound of my children’s laughter
10. the sound of any child’s laughter
11. the comfortable silence with a friend
12. the knowledge of being known by someone
13. forgiveness and…
14. the ability to confess and know I’m forgiven
15. the passion to create and ability to do so
16. a soft caress on the back of the head
17. the fingertips in my hand of my husband
18. or my children
19. the ability to read
20. the library (I would die without it)
21. the internet: for the ability to reconnect with old friends…
22. and make new ones…
23. and keep in touch with those that are far away
24. slowly but surely becoming debt free
25. the ability and desire to stay home again
26. the ability and desire to teach special children that belong to others
27. and my own
28. a walk on the beach
29. a hike in the mountains (as long as it is leisurely)
30. chips and salsa (ahhh…my one greatest weakness)
31. sitting beside a stream, watching my children play
32. sitting beside a fire, eating some smores
33. watching something that was pictured in my head come to fruition
34. holding a tiny, new baby (don’t get any ideas…none coming this way anytime soon)
35. the ability to move on

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  1. Happy birthday, Daisy!

    I love them all, but I am kinda partial to number 22.

    Have a stellar day! The weather should be perfect enough to a lot of the outside things on your list!

    .mac 🙂

  2. The older you get, the more blessings you get to add to your list. 🙂 Wish I could hang out with you by a stream with our kids and husbands. Thank you for being my friend, through the silence and the chatter.

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