A Week of Sewing: Easter Dress

Here is Little Chick’s Easter dress:

Easter 2010 Dress

The pattern is Mallory from Children’s Corner
The fabric is a Michael Miller print

Easter Dress Back

Up next…a matching tie for Rooster

One thought on “A Week of Sewing: Easter Dress

  1. My boys, the hubs, and me are gonna match for Easter too! IF I can get all my other custom designs done in time! EEK!

    So bummed about not meeting up. Kenny’s spring break is the next week. Maybe I can sneak up there to meet you for coffee then. Possibiliy? Like early in the week?

    I really wanna sit down rightnexttoyoudaisy!!

    Love the dress…I ADORE the fabric too! Great job!

    .mac 🙂

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