On the Flip Side

I went back to teaching full time this year. This is my 11th year teaching special education and while there has yet to be a year that I haven’t had one seriously difficult behavior problem, this year I met my match. There are a million reasons why this student is harder than anyone else, but what makes it so much harder is the fact that this student has just been allowed to act this way (it’s just the way this student is) for 10 years. While there is the capability to be sweet and charming, there are days when the danger of  harm towards others is too great. See, I’ve got two other little people in my room who can’t fend for themselves. It makes the days that are off kilter so much harder when you are having to protect yourself and others from hits, slaps, bites, punches, pushes etc, etc. I’m waiting for the day something does happen and I couldn’t catch it in time. There is a place where you have to draw the line and today I pushed hoping that that line might get drawn.

But, now I’m on the flip side. My daughter has a little boy in her class that is there two-days a week and the other days is served at a special education preschool. I do love that her school was open to taking him (most private preschools are not). What makes it hard is the fact that he throws massive fits, raging fits that I’ve been privy to watching. And today, when I picked her up he had pretty much destroyed the room. He had torn up the kid’s plants that they had been growing, he threw blocks at other students and was standing in the middle of the room, running around and screaming. In defense of his teachers, they are great with him. They control themselves beautifully (and I don’t think it was just because I was in the room), but seriously at what point do I step up as a parent and bring up my daughter’s safety? I’m all for exposing my children to those that are different from others, but this is not what I want her exposed to.

And, I’m a “special education” teacher…I’m supposed to be accepting of “these kinds of kids”!

Golly, it’s been a hard day!

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  1. I feel for you, Daisy.

    I can only imagine how exhausted and spent you are when you come home from school.

    Hang in there.

    Be it the flip or the flop side, either side in this situation is rough.

    .mac 🙂

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