What I’m totally drooling over…honestly I’ve never been a huge fan of most of what Michael Miller puts out. I’ve always thought it was cute, but really couldn’t get it to fit into anything in my sewing imagination. Not so with what he and his friends are putting out this spring. I kept saying: “oh my, wow, I want that, oh please give me $100!” until my husband finally declared “enough” and started rolling his eyes! Hey, he can dream about wood, I’ll dream about fabric! I couldn’t even pick one collection so I just linked to them all! Although the Gnomes, Poppy, Camping and Hedgehogs are my total favs!

This is a totally different subject, but I read this today from the founder of Facebook. My husband and I signed off after Christmas for a set period of time, but the more I read about the privacy issues and what is happening with that the less I want to be anywhere near it. I’m beyond grateful for the friendships that Facebook reestablished, but what is happening with the privacy issues is really disturbing to me. While I am a blogger, I do attempt to keep my family fairly private and our family blog is about as hidden as I can get it. Sometimes even that makes me nervous at times. His thoughts on culture are pretty interesting though.

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