by W.D. Snodgrass

<!– (from Selected Poems: 1957-1987) –>

What was I looking for today?
All that poking under the rugs,
Peering under the lamps and chairs,
Or going from room to room that way,
Forever up and down the stairs
Like someone stupid with sleep or drugs.

Everywhere I was, was wrong.
I started turning the drawers out, then
I was staring in at the icebox door
Wondering if I’d been there long
Wondering what I was looking for.
Later on, I think I went back again.

Where did the rest of the time go?
Was I down cellar? I can’t recall
Finding the light switch, or the last
Place I’ve had it, or how I’d know
I didn’t look at it and go past.
Or whether it’s what I want, at all.

I just laughed when I read this poem because it reminds me so much of how much of my life I seem to toss away reading mindless things on the internet…aka facebook (which I’ll have you know I am on a 6 month hiatus! My husband and I agreed to give up the 2 online things that cause us to lose the most time; facebook for me and craigslist for him. So far we are still talking to each other and have greatly reduced our time online and increased our face to face time!).

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