One thing about me working full time is that it has left very little time for me to process anything in my life. I used this space often over the course of the last year to mesh out what was going on in my heart and I have really felt that void lately.

I am processing through a few of the big things that God has really pressed on my heart lately and hope to use these next two weeks off from teaching to put them to “paper” so to speak. In preparation for that, this was our Confession of Sin at church today and it really spoke to to many of those deep places within that I am beginning to feel some wrestling occurring within:

we confess, our Father, that we do not live up to the family name.
we are more ready to resent than to forgive,
more ready to manipulate than to serve,
more ready to fear than to love,
more ready to keep our distance than to welcome,
more ready to compete than to help.
at the root of all this behavior is mistrust.
we do not love one another as we should because we do not believe that you love us as you do.
forgive us our cold unbelief
and make more vivid to us the meaning and depth of your love at the cross.
show us what it cost you to give up your Son that we might become your sons and daughters.
we ask this in the name of Jesus,
our righteousness.

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