Sharing a Little Craftiness

I made these ornaments years ago for our family (long before we had children) and have wanted to do them again for years. It seemed like the perfect gift to make for my students and their parents this year. It’s a super easy, fairly kid friendly and really cool way to make one of a kind ornaments.

Here’s the process:

1) Find a photo you like and make a photocopy of it (has to been from a xerox machine). I had to play around with the light and dark a little to get it ok.


2) Get your hands on some Sculpey clay (this bakeshop stuff is the cheapest at $0.99 a square at AC Moore)

Roll the Clay: Step One

3) Roll out the clay to about 1/4 thickness (or a little more than that if you want them to be super sturdy). Go ahead and make it larger than the photo so you have plenty of room to cut it out into your desired shape.

Image Transfer: Step Two

4) Take your photo and lay it picture side down onto the clay and press it down into the clay to clear any bit of air bubbles. Let it sit for about 10 minutes or until the paper seems to be becoming translucent.

Image Off: Step Three

5) Carefully remove the paper and VOILA your image has been magically transferred to the clay!

Finished Ornament

6) Cut the clay into your desired shape. Don’t forget to add a hole for the hanger. Add whatever extras you want. The first time I did these I used all white clay and just made it like a picture frame around it. This time I wanted to try out the colored clay so I made little holly and ivy sets.

7) Bake according to package directions to harden. Let cool and I sealed mine with Mod Podge. Hang a ribbon through the hole and enjoy!

One thought on “Sharing a Little Craftiness

  1. Those are really neat. I bet they would look interesting with a landscape picture or something kind of artsy even if you broke copyright laws to do it.

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