Give You Two Guesses Where We Are Going…

I never thought I would be one of those people who felt like they needed a special wardrobe for Disney World, but as our trip has come closer and closer to fruition I’ve realized the fun in making some cute clothes for the kiddos to prance about in. Obviously the Rooster didn’t fare as well as the Chick, but honestly what would a boy wear to the Magic Kingdom besides blue jeans?

The Whole Ensemble:
Minnie Clothes

Minnie Pants
Minnie Pants

Minnie Skirt
Minnie Skirt

A special shirt
Minnie Mouse Tee

Some enhanced Cinderella Jeans
Cinderella Jeans

A close-up of the jeans
Cinderella Pants

An so the Rooster won’t be left out…a special shirt for him:
Mickey Shirt

Up next, special autograph books for the Characters we might meet…

4 thoughts on “Give You Two Guesses Where We Are Going…

  1. You are such an awesome mom to think about those things. Those are the sweet memories that will remind your munchkins how much you cared about them. My munchkin will mostly remember ice cream!

  2. Love these, Daisy!

    I made some applique shirts for a client of mine that was taking their 3 kiddos to Disney World for a trip. I got all detailed with Mickey and Minnie’s face. Whoa.

    There was A LOT of zigzagging going on for quite sometime!

    I am excited for your fun adventure!

    .mac 🙂

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