Today was my husband’s 39th birthday and we were kind of surprised to think that this is one of the few birthdays that we have spent just as a small family. We have usually had friends or parents etc with us and as much as we love those times, there was something special about it just being the 4 of us.

We set up a fancy table with candles and everyone had fancy cups and plates and it was really fun to just sit and enjoy each other.

From Fall 2009

All that to say, this was the most awesome (and easiest) cake I’ve ever made. It is a chocolate and pumpkin layer cake.


So divine I had to share. Here’s the link.

3 thoughts on “Superb

  1. Love the look of that cake!

    Pumpkin and me though.

    Just the color of pumpkin and me jive!

    I really like it when our family uses fancy cups and plates too.

    Loved the outfit from the last post too! I want one in my size!

    Hope you are hanging quite well!

    .mac πŸ™‚

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