Settling In

It’s Fall Break around here.
We’ve made it through the first quarter.
We’ve established a new rhythm.
And things are good…actually really good.

That is not to say that getting up isn’t a struggle.
Juggling home, work and other things isn’t a struggle,
or that we sometimes just plain don’t have enough time.

But this new rhythm has brought me to a place where I cherish…
time on the carpet playing bingo with my little people
time in front of my sewing machine
cuddling on the couch with my hubbie
just being at home so much more than I ever did.

I’ve realized that I’ve been afraid to let go of my fears:
of becoming attached to these sweet children I’m teaching
of just plain working in a school again and all that brings
and of not being the one in control.

I’ve realized that going down the path that the Lord leads doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy,
or smooth
or simple
but more than likely a crazy up and down roller coaster where the ups are hard
but the ride down is a blast.

I feel like we are on a downswing. I’m enjoying what I’m doing.
I’m enjoying my own kids like never before…appreciating them with newfound love (as if I could love them more) and
I’m realizing that it’s all good.
It’s all ok.
And it’s all going to be allright.
And I don’t need to make excuses.

One thought on “Settling In

  1. And I am so very happy to read this post.

    It’s good to be content…to know it might not last forever….but for right now….it’s good.

    Meet up, we shall!

    I mean it to, sister!

    Let’s meet half way somewhere.

    That’ll be fun! Kinda blind date-ish only in a completely heterosexual friend way. Did I just type that on a blog comment? Um, yep, I did.

    It is at this point that I truly wish you only had 5 readers!!!

    Just kidding!

    Where do we want to meet to chitty-chat?

    Also, I am needing some advice on making a tulle skirt…somebody in this house just decided to be a spooky girly witch for Halloween.

    One hint: It’s the only girl that lives in this household!

    .mac 🙂

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