My Little Fairy

Fairy Skirt

I long gave up sewing Halloween costumes for the Rooster, seriously who wants to sew Snake Eyes from GI Joe? Not me! But it was Little Chick’s turn for her own mama made costume. I’ve long been wanting to make one of these fairy skirts and knowing how much my little chick loves Tinkerbell I decided that is what we would do for Halloween.

Fairy Skirt

I have to say I was a little intimidated by using tulle at first. But after researching some options on the web I ended up going with the easy route. And it was easy and cheap! The whole costume was $20 including the leotard and some tights.

I did splurge on this super cute Tinkerbell trim from JoAnns, but my original idea of having it go around the waist just didn’t turn out, so alas the $5 trim is now a plaything for the Little Chick. Oh well!

My Little Fairy

Next up, some fairy wings!

3 thoughts on “My Little Fairy

  1. Love it, Daisy!

    Sorry we didn’t meet up this weekend!

    What’s next? We will figure something out!

    I have to make a bat costume and a Tin Man costume…I carved myself 2 days out of my work schedule to get both done…here we go!!!

    .mac šŸ™‚

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