Halloween Embroidery Fall 09

Some new Halloween onesies at Jack and Jill and waiting for you!


Frank (pattern courtesy of Homeberries)

Jack (pattern courtesy of Homeberries)

4 thoughts on “Boo!

  1. You are a mess with these embroideries!!! I love them!!! I want a onesie for me!!

    Been outta of the blog loop for the past 3 days…busy here. Going to catch up when I can!!!

    .mac 🙂

  2. Those are so cute! I’d get one if I lived in town. Where did you get the name labels that you put on the onesies? Are they iron-on? My Mom has a stamp she uses on ribbon but your labels look like they would be easier.

  3. im ready for you to teach me how to embroider!
    so great.
    also, I have a slew of turtle necks I bought from walmart last year to sew for J&J, they were like 4 bucks each if you’d could use them, i’d love to “sell” them to you.

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