Turning over an Old Leaf

A few weeks ago I received a comment from mamapedia voices to submit a post to them and was sort of shocked that my little spot got picked up from someone other than the 5 friends that read this little blog.

Then last weekend I got a call from a local consignment boutique that wanted me to try some of my handmade things in their shop. Needless to say all of this attention made my head swell (haha, just kidding). Really it just made me shake my head and say, “why NOW!!!??”

But, on the flip side I can see why this is a perfect time to take on these new ventures. The writing and crafting would surely suffer in the end (and me with it) and these offer me some accountability with both of those things which are great life balancers for me.

A submission for Mamapedia is still brewing in my head, but I am on the move with some things already in the shop. I have pretty much sold out of inventory at the Cupcake shop and I am moving what is left to the new shop. All that to say, if you are local you can now find my hand embroidered baby things, coffee cosies, capes and other new things at Jack and Jill.

And while you are there, check out my friend Emily‘s handmade children’s clothing and baby stuff. It’s AMAZING!

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  1. Look at you, big girl!

    You remember, the Cupcake shop about a year ago is where I I picked up your card and the rest they say is…history.

    So glad I did. You’re handmade is divinely unique.

    Congrats to you.

    I have the prior post bookmarked to read when I have time to decipher correctly all that is written in it.

    I am on the prayer path and trial and error practicing methods with to homeschool or not to homeschool.

    I will look forward to reading it and perhaps discussing it with you.

    Yes, it’s time we meet up.

    I am actually going to be in Morristown from Tuesday evening to Friday morning as the k.Mac studio is going on the road so the boys and I can visit in-laws and I can sew too.

    Would love if we somehow could work something out to coffee together!

    .mac 🙂

  2. how exciting about the guest blog post. Thats big time stuff, and I know that your words will be so well received.
    and i was super , super, super excited for you to have your products at Jack and Jill!
    I know that is a great place for you to sell your handmade items, AnneMarie is great at selling custom items, I hope you enjoy it. And lastly, thanks for the link, and the kind words, but you did not need to do that.
    I hope that you are enjoying your “new” creative desire, and yes, you should let your head swell just a bit. Affirmation is always great.
    have a wonderful week, and I hope you and the chick are feeling much, much better.

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