Lunchbag Take 2

I made this lunch bag from Skip to My Lou a while back for my husband and have been wanting to do one for myself since I am taking my lunch somewhere again.

Lunch Bag

Making this pattern again made me realize how super easy it is and how much fun you could have with it. The first time I used iron-on vinyl for the inside and outside and it was a booger to sew. It has also gotten wet and all the vinyl has unattached and I’m not sure how to salvage it.

Lunch Bag

That said, I was out of vinyl this time so I had to figure out another solution. I ended up heat’n bonding 2 fabrics together to give it some stiffness and I LOVE how it turned out!

2 thoughts on “Lunchbag Take 2

  1. Your lunch bag is really cute! If you ever want to try one that is waterproof, I have been researching oil cloth and laminated fabric lately and found some really cute patterns that you would like. The good thing about them is that you don’t have to finish the edge. Just email me if you want to know where I’ve found them.

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