Decorating from my chair

I have fabric for at least 3 projects in my house and have also been planning to redo the kid’s bathroom soon too. Have I done anything with the fabric sitting over there behind me on my sewing table…uh, no. And honestly, I’m so consumed with laundry, cleaning, cooking and longing for bed that I’m not sure that any of that will happen until October (hopefully!) But that doesn’t stop me from planning. I found a link to these prints on etsy and they have completely changed my mind of what I wanted for my kid’s bathroom. It’s animals now, I wanted to change it to something that we could keep in there for a long, long time (and I’m tired of the animals). I was going to do some oceany sort of thing with some of Heather Ross’ fabric, but now I am totally going to save up for these prints from blancucha. Aren’t they just the coolest!

Sorry, that was a lot of rambling just to say “have a look-see!”

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