Amy Butler’s Barcelona Skirt

Instead of working on schoolwork, housework, laundry or anything else this afternoon I made this:

Barcelona Skirt

Barcelona Skirt

Ahh! The joy of a little sewing to relieve some stress AND accomplish something! Sorry the pictures aren’t great, it was either me trying to take the picture or trusting the 2 year old to take a good one…I chose myself 🙂

3 thoughts on “Amy Butler’s Barcelona Skirt

  1. Very cute! I am glad you took a break from house work and fed your creative side. I am sure it was refreshing plus you got a cute skirt to wear to boot!

  2. ok, joy told me about this pattern probably over a year ago, I bought it and the fabric to make it. Just haven’t yet.
    it is SUPER encouraging to know that you made it in an after noon.
    and that is some pretty rockin’ fabric!

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