5 Minutes of Rambling Thoughts

I’m busy. I’m beyond busy. I come home and struggle with “do I crash on the couch or play (ha) with my children?” Generally the couch is winning out and my sweet children are playing around me. We are all handling the transition pretty well. Work has become a little bit more real. I’ve had my freak out (well the first one) and weathered it pretty well (actually I handled it so well I went out and bought  iPhones…nothing like retail therapy!)

Chick has weathered daycare very well so far and the Rooster starts Kindergarten tomorrow. I am supposed to weep I think, but I’m not sure I will and that makes me wonder if something is wrong with me? I mean seriously, he’s going to be up the hall! The TA’s are calming down and seriously I have three students and three adults. Can you believe the odds? But what is most hilarious to me is explaining to someone what I do all day. It was funny when I taught deaf students (“bet that is a quiet job” ha ha) but now I have to explain that I have two wheelchair bound, non-verbal students who I basically am teaching to hit a switch or get some sort of engagement from and another one who is ambulatory and gives a bit more engagement than I would prefer (aka: she wanders and swats at things).

But you know what? I love it. Today I sat with my one sweet boy, said his name over and again, told him good morning and just chatted with him and (drum roll) he looked at me and smiled. That is the most he has engaged with something or someone in 2 days. And then there is my other sweet girl (who screams her head off when she is upset) but who can stare at you with these eyes that look like they carry the world in them. And she is fiesty. The other one is a mystery and one that the Lord truly placed in my life to remind me I need patience!

7 thoughts on “5 Minutes of Rambling Thoughts

  1. All of it sounds like a lot of work but so worthwhile. You are using your gifts and talents to make a sweet difference in these kids lives by showing them the love of Christ!

    As for rooster starting kindergarten, I wouldn’t worry about it. I am not having any problems with HJ starting either! I am just excited for him and know he is so ready that it doesn’t bother me in the least! I think it is because we held the boys back, or at least that is what I tell myself. We had another year to prepare and now the boys are beyond ready! The other parents of kids held back all tell me they aren’t struggling in the least with it either, so I wouldn’t stress over that!

    Glad to hear Chick has adjusted well also!

  2. Mine started kindergarten last week and he loves it. I too am glad we held him back a year. Most of what they’re doing is review for him so he can concentrate on the new routine and making friends. I didn’t cry when he went either; I just worried the first day if he would know how to ride the bus. He did fine!

  3. Your growing up, Daisy. A big girl. A big for real working girl you are.

    I am happy for you.

    This fall though, could you put a recipe on your blog for homemade granola and say you just finished making it. Then have it scheduled to post mid-morning…you know, just for old times sake?

    .mac 🙂

  4. That sounds so great. I am glad to hear things are going well for you. How cool about your students. I’m sure you will all learn much from each other. Thank God for His goodness!!

  5. It’s definitely a big transition, but you have trained you and your family well. Instead of trying to catch up with everyone mid race, you just fell into place with the pack. Clearly this is where you are supposed to be. It will take a little time to figure out your new family rhythm but your kids are already attesting that they can handle it!

  6. I 2nd all the above comments.
    but people, you all missed the biggest deal of all. ……
    iphones, as in plural.
    welcome, welcome,
    it will change your life…..

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