About a month ago I shared how we had pretty much decided that I was going to stay home this year. I was truly content with that option; we both were. Funny how God takes you to that place where you are content and then whams you with something!

About a week after I wrote that, I got a call for an interview at a school I just couldn’t turn down. I went to the interview with no expectations and they called back that afternoon and offered me the job. It was a whirlwind for sure and the things that were happening in connection with this job were pretty amazing. I found out that there was one more transfer period and would hopefully be able to put my Rooster at the same school (something I wasn’t at all expecting) and while we are still searching for the best spot for the little chick, I’ve been at such peace with it all.

But don’t think for a minute that this means this blog will go away at all! I’ve really come to learn and see sewing and crafting as an amazing outlet for me and I know that I’ll continue!

There is much more to write about, but had to share that little bit of news for sure!

p.s. I totally stole the title from my friend, but our lives seem to be paralleling lately!

One thought on “ch-ch-changes…

  1. Sniffle, sniffle.

    Now I can’t imagine that you are somewhere about an hour and a half up the road working through a sewing frenzy, a temper tantrum, and doing a load of laundry all at the same time on a rainy Tuesday morning only to open the fridge and pantry to find your fresh out of bread and milk and it’s almost lunch time with me.

    Man, I know you won’t blog as much. Really I do. Remember, I was a teacher once too? Hellllooooo, are you serious?!

    Grading papers, lesson plans, projecting, parent nights, bulletin boards…

    We’re history to you, Daisy!

    But all for the good. You pop in every now and again when you can. And we will all love you just the same!

    I wish you the best on your newest adventure back into the classroom! With your superfine curriculum planning…those kids have a treat in store for them!

    Keep us posted now. You here me?!

    .mac 🙂

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