Losing at The Grocery Game

A while ago I posted about how I had joined The Grocery Game and never made it past week one to give you some results. Well about 2 weeks after that post, I quit the game and started using Couponmom. I’ve been doing that weekly for the past month and honestly I feel like such a loser.

Here’s my two cents on each site: TGG is free for the first few weeks, but what irritated me is that she didn’t post her lists until like Tuesday. I usualy plan my menu for the week on the weekend and then use the Sunday ad to finalize it and shop on Monday-Tuesday. I would check and check and finally I gave up. It just didn’t mesh with my shopping schedule. With couponmom, she posts her list on Sunday. She does the same idea where you can see the percentage you save and what coupon to use. Honestly, with both I never really bought those stock-up things (like toiletries or canned goods etc) unless it was 50% savings or better. I pretty much carried that through for most things. There were things on the lists that we never buy (TGG drove me mad because it is filled with boxed stuff and I just don’t buy that stuff) and some things that I don’t often buy but started too just because it was such a great deal.

Before I started all these online coupon things, I was averaging weekly about $80 a month. Granted I was shopping at 2-3 different stores to get the best deal. I stopped that and started just shopping at Kroger and using both those sites I have been averaging about $110 a week….but I’ve gone enough deodorant, toothpaste and razors to last us for the rest of the year! There is something about going over that $100 mark every week that has been sending shivers up my back!

So, I’m back to where I was. If I learned anything it is to check the coupons, the circulars and I’ll still pop onto couponmom once a week but I don’t think I’m going to shop everything that is the best deal. I’m honestly going back to my weekly menu, the standard things we eat every month and a few extras thrown in throughout the month and buying toiletries when we need then and not stocking up. Maybe I just didn’t play the game right or maybe it just doesn’t mesh with what we eat. Nevertheless, I did learn a bunch about couponing and even more about meal planning.

I redid my menu planning sheet again and thought I would offer it out there. If you wonder about a recipe, just ask and I’ll be happy to post it along too.

One thought on “Losing at The Grocery Game

  1. I love you, Daisy.

    I know we have never met, but I just like the tone you set. I have upteen million firends doing the Grocery Game and agging me on about how I haven’t started yet. I do want to save some on our grocery bill cause we need to, but I was having the same concerns that you have expressed in this post regarding boxed items and stuff we don’t use.

    I actually had this mini conversation in-the-middle of bible school with my team teacher for the 4 year olds:

    Me: “But what if I don’t want to eat canned spaghetti sauce as I make my own? Or what if I don’t like those kind of fries and boxed dinners?”

    My team teacher: “You learn to as it is saving your family money and it is the deal. Always go with the deal.”

    Me: “I like givng my kids fresher things. I would rather spend on what is good for them, then what more preservatives I can add to their bodies. Don’t you think that Proctor and Gamble and all the other big wig manufacturering companies are lobbying for advertising with these games? You know kinda how textbook companies are listening to lobbyist groups and putting in textbooks the information from the lobbyist group that pays them the most…not always what is sounds and proven information?”

    My team teacher: “What? Just play the game, Meg. Quit making stuff so complicated!”

    Oh well, she has a point.
    But I like this post a lot.
    It’s real. It’s factual. And man, are you organized!

    .mac 🙂

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