Cupholders Need Input

I’ve had this little idea running through my wracked out mind (I am in serious need of a mommy break) the last few days and today took the time to try round one with it.


I’ve been wanting to make some customized sippie cup name holders and these are my first attempts.

cupholder 1

This one is elastic

cupholder 2

and this one closes by velcro.

I put the names on with snaps so you could take them on and off and switch them around if needed. I’m not sure about the snaps though. I thought snaps would be better because they are harder to take off (or fall off) than using velcro, but I don’t like the way they spin around.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

2 thoughts on “Cupholders Need Input

  1. I’m just quick thinking here, but what about a thinner band of fabric to go around and then looping a tag to hang off? You could loop with cute ribbon.

    Again, it just popped in my head.

    If I come up with anything different or better, I will holler!

    .mac 🙂

  2. How about not worrying about making the names snap on and off and just embroider directly onto the cupholder? That would be one less thing to mess with and find a place to put the names.

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