Before and After

Things are still a total wreck here, but we are so excited about how it is coming together I had to post a couple of pictures.

This is our den before:


This is our den now.DSCF4319

Here is a glimpse of the amazing amount of rubble to be cleaned up. We have a super rock garden currently 😉


Here are a few from yesterday’s work. Thank the Lord for some good friends to help my hubby out!



Here is the reason why we are doing this crazy thing. If you look, you can see how the fireplace is leaning out from the house. When the molding came off, you could see at least a 6-8 inch gap from the house. Crazy!

5 thoughts on “Before and After

  1. Wow! Look at you guys go! Incredible!!! Way to go!!! The whole fireplace thing actually happened to my in-laws and they had to have someone come and reattach the fireplace to the house because squirrels were actually getting in. Crazy but true! I am so proud of you guys and all your hard work!!!

  2. What an accomplishment! It looks great! I am watching “Renovation Realities” on HGTV right now and it looks as if your renovation went much smoother than this show! Hope to see it soon!

  3. WOW, Daisy! I LoVe that fireplace. Meybe I should say I lOvEd that fireplace!!

    The window is cool too now. Lots more light and lots less leaning.

    Always a good thing, right Martha?

    .mac 🙂

  4. I think maybe your Mr. is in the wrong business. THIS is beyond impressive.
    Im sure your going to love all that light.
    is he going to do the roof too?
    and didnt your recently mention moving?
    Am I just way behind the times ?

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