Beat the Summer Boredom

Here are some of my ideas to beat the summer boredom. I thought I would just post them here to share and to keep them all in one place for me as the summer progresses.

~ Letter Wall: My plan is to get a huge sheet of bulletin board paper and divide it into sections and basically make a letter wall. The goal is to have my rooster cut out matching letters from magazines, newspaper, add environmental print, cut out pictures from food boxes, put up pictures of friends by their names etc.
~ Environmental Print Car Game: We are taking one long road trip this summer and I want to make a car BINGO game for Rooster and maybe even Chick. Look for that later on in June.
~ Tactile Letter Practice: (great for a rainy day) Practice writing letters in shaving cream, pudding. Form letters from yarn, pipe cleaners, stickers, pom poms, ribbon, cooked spaghetti etc
~ Attention span: set a timer and give your child a planned activity that they have to stay on task for that set period of time (start small!)

Games and Activities:
~ Make a fort, turn out the lights and play with flashlights
~ Play toss into the pie tin with washers, bolts etc
~ Make a rice box (add scoops, cars, cups etc)
~ roller skate (my garage sale hunt this summer)
~ make homemade playdoh
~ write a letter to a friend or relative
~ prepare a restaurant with menus
~ design your own game
~ have a teddy bear picnic
~ make sock puppets and put on a puppet show
~ make picture frames from twigs
~ paint a picture with lemon juice on white paper and hang it in a sunny window…watch what happens
~ string noodles or cheerios
~ make a map of your bedroom, neighborhood or house
~ make a treasure map
~ make food sculptures (pretzels, icing, peanut butter, gumdrops etc) and eat it
~ use paper towel tubes, wrapping paper tubes etc to make tracks for little cars
~ hang a clothesline on some chairs and let them hang up clothes
~ make a wagon out of an empty shoe box
~ make mailboxes out of a tissue box and leave notes to each other
~ make an I Spy bottle (soda bottle, rice and several small items. Tape it shut and turn the bottle to find the items)
~ draw a shape and have your child fill it up with small stickers

Some Good Links:

Starfall (most everyone knows about this now, but it’s a superb website for working on phonics skills)

Kiddie Records (awesome collection of old records)

Mobi Stories (I haven’t done much with this, but it looks good)

Count Us In (number games)

I Know That (another new one that I want to explore more)

Kids Craft Weekly (a great weekly newsletter you can subscribe too filled with tons of goodies!)

Playful Learning (my newest find and I love it!)

2 thoughts on “Beat the Summer Boredom

  1. Could you GET any better, super mom!?!!!

    Thank you so much for these great links and resources. Get this. I am actually going to home school my boys preschool curriculum intentionally 3 monrnings a week next year.

    It’s test run to see if I can swing homeschool and my business.

    Still praying about all that.

    You are the best sharer ever!!!

    Thank you!!!

    .mac šŸ™‚

    p.s. quilt update, please!!!! šŸ™‚

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