So things around here have been on hold as we’ve gotten used to having an extra member in the house.  The puppy is actually doing well and takes her afternoon naps and goes to the potty much better than the Little Chick for sure! Why can’t toddlers potty train as easy as puppies do?

I’ve been staring at the quilt on my ironing board since last week and honestly have tried continuously to psyche myself up to sewing on it some more. It just makes me realize how much I prefer to sew garments. Give me a dress to make and I’ll spend days and days on it with joy; but ask me to sew some drapes, a pillow or a quilt and I just don’t like it as much. I can envision a garment and how it will look so much easier than designing window hangings etc.

So, to all my sewing (or wannabe sewing) friends…what do you prefer to sew?

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  1. Ya know, I am realizing about myself that I sew anything well under pressure! 😉 It really takes the pressure of a deadline to make me finish stuff. I really do enjoy sewing it all I just need a great big push to get it done! 😉 Crazy, but true!
    I do have to add though that I love short little projects that make you feel like you have accomplished something big in under an hour! My kind of project!!! 😉

  2. So, I love the variety. I love to quilt, make my neice sweet dresses, and then of course, do my JOB with handbags!!

    I like mixing them up so to keep it poppin’.

    The monotony of handbag sewing makes me ache to get onto a quilting project or dresses for my little dollie, Miss Mollye!

    I am REALLY bad about having multiple projects going simultaneously so that I can float from one to the other to the other to the other…it drives Kenny crazy!

    Yeah. My house is neat as a pin. I knew what you were thinking.

    .mac 🙂

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