Yesterday & Today

What I should have been doing:

(I did the laundry, just haven’t folded it yet. Shh! Don’t tell my mom she will freak out!)


What I was doing instead:

(I sewed the quilt squares together,stitched the back up and bought some super soft batting (50% bamboo/50% organic cotton…oh la la)

Quilt Before Quilted

Quilt Back before Quilted

So here is my dilemma (besides figuring out where to sleep tonight!) The instructions are to stitch in the ditch around all the squares and circles. I’m really thinking that it would tear up this chevron stripe. The consensus between my mom and cousin was to tie the quilt around the 4 corner squares. I’m at a loss!

4 thoughts on “Yesterday & Today

  1. I came super close to tying my quilt as well. I just feel like it goes with the quilt somehow! I say tie it! 😉 I think that it would go wonderfully with the fabrics that you have chosen just like a simple white thread. I must admit though that I did not tie it as we are a little rough on things around here and I was not sure how that would hold up over time…just something to think about.

  2. In the ditch is not going to give a whole lot of POP and pucker to your fabrics with the squares the size they are appearing to be through your pictures.

    I really like just doing freestyle. Just stick that baby under the machine and curve and swerve when you feel like it. I just did a quilt for my neice that way. I even had her name monogramed in one square.

    I just danced right on around the embroidery. You could do that with the applique too.

    Just a thought.

    I like the idea of tieing it but I just know how much hard work and TIME you have put into the appliqueing process. I want this quilt to be able to stand up to pillow fights and jumping on the bed until Chick is lugging this thing to college with her. The tieing might not give it the endurance it might need for the above little chick behavior.

    It would give it a nice homespun look though.

    Hmmmm. Choices.

    Are you thinking of doing a border with the chevron stripe on the front or are you all set to quilt. That chevron would look great as a trim.

    Okay, I’ll stop now.

    I could talk for hours about sewing.

    Do keep us informed!

    Oh, and on the sporadic chin hairs…I know them well. UUUGHHHH.

    .mac 🙂

  3. My Mom made all the grandchildren quilts when they were born. When she needed some experienced advice she sometimes would take her quilt into Gina’s and they were always very helpful in giving her ideas.

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