Learning from Behind, but Gazing Forward

51f6zigcl8l_ss500_We just upgraded our cable a few months ago and while I had heard often about the Gosselin family, I had never watched their show. Now that we have cable I have had the chance to watch a bunch and truly they amaze me and make both of us laugh a bunch. I’m thankful for their realism despite being so far out in the media.

I got their book from the library a few days ago and plowed through it in about 2 days. It’s an easy read and pretty amazing to read about their pregnancy experience and all that.

But what struck me most throughout the book was how aware Kate is about things that are happening in their life or have happened. Jon loses his job multiple times, obviously she is on bed rest and in the hospital for months when she is pregnant with the sextuplets and many other things happen. But almost every time she is able to look back and see how God’s hand was truly in whatever had happened.  There are so many times that God doesn’t give us that hindsight and so many times we probably miss it in our bitterness or busyness or attempt to control the situation. It was refreshing to read someone who really has continually listened for that still quiet voice.

Just reminds me that I need to do the same. Not longing for the past, but learning from it. Not being so far forward that I lose today, but not so lost in today that I can’t seem to find tomorrow.

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