So after my last post you would think that I’m calm and that I am facing every decision in my life with such clarity…HA! It all fell apart (as if it was there before) when we got news (good and exciting news) that added yet another decision to our lives!

Truly, my struggle is:

how do you know when your tenure is up


when you are just running away?

4 thoughts on “Advice…

  1. Truly clueless here. Tenure. The only word association I have going on here is teaching. I am having a connection lapse: please forgive.

    Good and exciting news???

    And then the title, Adivice…

    On pins and needles here.

    Hate to go the horrible pun route, but this close to Easter…do you have an egg that might be needing to be sat on so it will hatch into another rooster or chick?

    Yeah, I went there. On a blog comment.

    Do forgive and do tell!

    .mac 🙂

  2. no, no eggs shall be sat on in this house again lol! Truly just work and kindergarten decisions…but big ones that kind of effect how our year rocks and rolls next year

  3. Well ask and ye shall receive!

    Thanks for the update and completely thanking you for allowing such metaphorical cheese to be posted on your blog by moi!

    So, I am getting the drift.

    Hope you haven’t thrown out your recess whistle and teacher jumper yet. Oh and one can’t forget the in-the-closet-out-of-style coat/sweater for the just-in-case recess weather.

    Do I need to applique you an apple with “To teach is to love.” under it?

    Nah, you got that appliquing down pat.

    I’ll embroider you a pillow that can’t sit in your classroom rocking chair with your name on it Mrs. ____________.

    Am I getting close????

    🙂 .mac

  4. I think that you know when you are running away there is that voice that tells you to keep busy and scrambling and whatever you do do not look at that door and do not even try to crack it because you know if you do things will begin to unravel. But it is when we unravel and make the crack in the door that we stretch and grow. It is when we find that even in all that pours through the crack that He is there and that He is God! Interesting to be thinking through so many things and opportunities during Lent! I love the Lord’s timing and to see what He brings about during these intense seasons.
    Praying for you as you WALK through doors allowing Him to work. Praying for you as you TRUST! Praying that you will LIVE out the call He has placed on your heart and life!
    Excited about the adventure!

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