It’s been quiet on this blog lately.

I’ve been busy with stuff for my job (Easter is coming up and so is summer!)

I’ve been busy with sewing for Easter (dress for me, tie for my rooster and dress for my chick)

I’ve been taking care of a sick little chick (allergic reactions to bug bites and now a terrible cold)

I’ve been trying to rest with some big decisions looming (resting with today and letting the future “play itself out)


I’ve just been trying to figure out a balance between the world of blogs, internet and the real world of laundry, work, wifing and childrearing. (the ever-present struggle!)

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  1. Juggling the “all” of it can be quite taxing from time to time. Hope your rest has been purposeful with your decision making.

    Glad to see a new post from you though.

    I am anxious to see some photos of your Easter. Sounds like it will be quite couture…don’t leave Mr. Rooster out though…maybe do him up a tie too!!!

    Also, how’s chick’s quilt coming?

    .mac 🙂

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