Easter Tomb How-To

Easter Tomb Complete

It is our tradition every year to make an Easter Tomb during the week of Ash Wednesday. I’ve done it with my son since he was really, very young (too young to get it at all) and every year he expects it and can pretty much put it all together himself now!

Here is what we do!

Easter Tomb ingredients


Potting soil
Grass seed
Large oval pot
Regular size terra cotta pot
Large rock to cover the hole in the pot
sticks and twine to make crosses with

Easter Tomb in process

Fill the large pot with dirt and lay the other pot (the “tomb”) sideways on top of the dirt.
Sprinkle grass seed (and we also are trying lavender) around the tomb.
Place the large rock over the tomb.
Stick 3 crosses in the dirt
Water Daily

Easter tomb and little chicks
Here are my little helpers!

Wait for Jesus’ Resurrection! On Easter morning I always make sure to try and get up before the kids and open the tomb and lay a bit of fabric inside: Christ has risen, the tomb is empty!

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  1. What a neat blog! I love the Easter tomb idea, that’s really cool.

    I almost forgot why I’m here in the first place- you won a little something on our blog today! Can you email us so we can get your info?

    general @ ourbestbites.com

  2. Talk about creative!!!

    This is perfect! We have been trying to come up with a cool way to make His resurrection as importantly celebrated as His birthday.

    Will be borrowing if you don’t mind. Also. borrowed the Cookie Monster cake for Casey’s 2nd b-day…it rocked!

    The art kits were a gift for Christmas. I am pretty sure they were from Wal-mart. They are the mecca of organization for all the goodies of creating and they have legs that pop out so you can also sit on the ground to craft.

    What a great traidition!

  3. Yes! I just went way back in your blog archives the other day to figure out all the “ingredients” for this (I should of just waited 😉 )! We are looking forward to doing this today!!! Thanks again for sharing this tradition so that we also can participate!

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